Paris Jackson Calls Out Paparazzi for Using Her Dad to Shame Her for Covering Her Face

Paris Jackson
Photo: Victor Boyko/Getty Images For Christian Dior.

New York Fashion Week is known for its excitement and glamour, but as Paris Jackson shows, getting your picture taken left and right isn’t always was fun as it seems.

On Wednesday, the 21-year-old model attended Tom Ford’s Spring/Summer 2019 show. After the show, Jackson was bombarded by paparazzi who attempted to take her picture as she was leaving. When they couldn’t get a clear shot of her face, the paparazzi went on to harass her and accuse her of covering her face, unlike her father, Michael Jackson.

Jackson recalled the experience on her Twitter where she called out the paparazzi for yelling at her and using her dad to shame her for not showing her face. (She explained that photographers are only paid if their subjects show their face.) Jackson also corrected the paparazzi’s claim that Michael “never” covered his face, as he has worn a mask on several occasions.

“i just got yelled at in a really mean way outside the tom ford show because paparazzi didn’t get a chance to shoot my face. (for those of you that don’t know, paps don’t get paid unless my face is in the shot.),” Jackson tweeted.  “‘michael would have never done that!! ugh!!!’ …he did… a lot lol”

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Jackson went on to retweet tweets from fans who pointed out that Michael was actually known for covering his face from the paparazzi, as well as making his children wear masks for many years of their childhood. She also retweeted a tweet about actor Daniel Radcliffe, who was forced to wear the same outfit for two months straight, so the paparazzi wouldn’t bother him.

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Leave Jackson and her family alone. Celebrities don’t owe anything to anyone, and shaming them for not showing their faces is mean and uncalled-for, like Jackson says. Plus, if you’re going to bring up her dad, get your facts straight first.