Paris Jackson Shuts Down Rumors She’s Dating Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson

Paris Jackson
Photo: Francois G. Durand/WireImage/Getty Images.

Whether it’s about her familyweed habits, or dating life, Paris Jackson is constantly putting out media fires. When it comes to absurd stories about her personal life, the 20-year-old model is known to set the record straight on Twitter, and the recent rumor that she dating three (yes, three) women right now is no exception. (We can already see Jackson’s eyes rolling.)

This week, the National Enquirer reported that Jackson was involved in a love triangle—er, rectangle—with model Cara Delevingne, actress Ashley Benson, and DJ Caroline D’Amore. A source claimed that Jackson was “playing the field” and “doesn’t seem to care about the consequences.” Unsurprisingly, Gossip Cop, a celebrity gossip fact-checking site, debunked the rumor as zero-percent true. “No idea how or why they come up with this stuff. Definitely not true,” a representative for Jackson told the site.

To make sure everyone knows the rumors are bullshit, Jackson took to Twitter. In a retweet of Gossip Cop’s story, Jackson explained that she’s never met Benson, that D’Amore (who is also the mother of Jackson’s godchild) is straight and married, and that she and Delevingne were never in an official relationship.

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Jackson also took the opportunity to clarify her relationship with Delevingne. Though the models have been photographed several times holding hands, Jackson explained that they were never exclusive.

Naturally, Jackson isn’t surprised by the bogus rumors. As the daughter of Michael Jackson, she’s seen (and battled) false reports about her father for her entire life. Now that he’s gone, she suspects that the tabloids have shifted their attention to her.

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Of course, there’s nothing wrong with transparently dating multiple people—in fact, we’ve endorsed its benefits in the past—but fabricating stories about celebrities isn’t cool, especially when delivered with a slut-shaming tone, like the Enquirer‘s article. By her own admission, Jackson isn’t a hard-partying, heartbreaking wild child. She’s a human with a reputation and feelings, and we can understand why false media depictions would get incredibly grating.

Luckily, Jackson has a direct line to her fans on Twitter, and can let us know when the rumors are straight-up lies. Keep the truth coming, Jackson—that’s what really matters.