Paris Jackson Schools Troll Who Said Her Dad Would Be ‘Upset’ by Her Smoking Weed

Paris Jackson Schools Troll Who Said Her Dad Would Be ‘Upset’ by Her Smoking Weed
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Paris Jackson will blaze up however and whenever she likes, thank you very much. The 20-year-old model recently shut down critics who shamed her for smoking weed, including one who said that her late father, Michael Jackson, would be “upset” if he knew of her marijuana habits. (Cue the eye rolls.)

The backlash began on Sunday when the “Gringo” star posted a Twitter video of her jokingly lighting a branch of marijuana straight from her mouth. The video featured Jackson, filtered with fiery devil horns, taking a lighter to a small branch of weed dangling from her mouth. “Should I smoke it like like this,” she captioned the video.

The video sparked a heated reaction from anti-weed enthusiasts, who criticized Jackson for smoking in front of her many young, impressionable followers. One troll, who crossed the line, brought up Jackson’s dad, predicting that the pop star would be “upset” if he knew that Jackson smoked.

When Jackson’s fans came to her defense, the troll explained that she was trying to be the parental “voice” that Jackson no longer has. That’s when Jackson stepped in to shut her down. “i think i’m doing pretty ok considering the circumstances,” she tweeted.

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However, that wasn’t the only weed-related Twitter drama that Jackson encountered. Soon after, another troll linked a Vogue Australia article in which she suggested that she wanted to be a role model for her young fans. “I already have many young girls looking up to me and I want to be something their parents are OK with them looking up to,” she said.

After linking the article, the troll then suggested that Jackson was a hypocrite for teaching her followers that it was OK to smoke weed.  That’s when Jackson fought back by claiming that she knows several parents who rely on marijuana to benefit their children. She also called out common pharmaceutical drugs, which she suggested weren’t better or were even worse than pot.

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Whether or not Jackson’s claims are true, one thing is certain: You don’t come between Jackson and her father, especially if it has to do with weed. Jackson already has parents, and they’re not anonymous, weed-shaming trolls on the internet.