Paris Jackson Calls Out Michael Jackson Impersonator for ‘Trying Too Hard’ to Be Her Dad

Paris Jackson
Photo: Noam Galai/Getty Images for New York Magazine.

There are dozens of Michael Jackson impersonators out there, but Paris Jackson isn’t buying it. Last week, the 20-year-old model—and MJ’s daughter—took to her Twitter to call out an impersonator who she believes was “trying way too hard” to look, sound and be like her dad.

Jackson became aware of the impersonator after a fan tweeted his Facebook and tagged several of MJ’s family members, including his sister La Toya Jackson and his brother Jermaine Jackson. The fan said that the imposter, who went by the name Peter Midani (one of MJ’s pseudonyms, according to The Los Angeles Times), led fans to believe that he was the actual King of Pop and faked his death, so he could live on the internet under a different name. “thousands of fans think he is MJ who faked his death appearing online duping fans,” the fan tweeted, linking to Midani’s Facebook, which is now deleted.

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Not having it, Jackson retweeted the fan and called out Midani for “trying way too hard” to sound like her dad. Likewise, she also had faith in MJ’s fans, who have listened to his music and interviews for years, to believe that the impostor isn’t actually him. “he’s trying way too hard to sound like my dad lol it’s definitely not him. and i feel like fans should know that, after having listened to so much of his music and watching his interviews,” Jackson tweeted. “it’s kind of obvious it’s not him. this peter guy is crazy.”

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Famous or not, impersonating someone who is dead and claiming that they’re still alive is a cruel joke to their friends and family—not to mention, in MJ’s case, his thousands of fans. Since Jackson’s tweeted, Midani’s Facebook has been deleted. Let’s keep it that way.