Paris Jackson Imagines Life With Her Dad in Photoshopped Picture

Paris Jackson
Photo: Getty Images

It has been almost nine years since Paris Jackson lost her father, Michael Jackson, to a heart attack, but her bond with him hasn’t stopped growing. In a heartwarming tweet on Tuesday, the 20-year-old model imagined what her life would be like if her father was still alive and she still had both her parents.

The tweet, which was a fan-made edit by @krafty_mj_stuff, featured Jackson as an adult with her parents photoshopped by her side. On Jackson’s right side was her dad, who was edited to look like he was resting her hand on her shoulder, while on her left was the actress’s mom, Debbie Rowe, who is seen hugging her daughter and resting her head on her shoulder. The original photo appears to be from Jackson’s recent 20th birthday.

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Though Jackson didn’t provide any context in her original tweet, a fan later asked if she thought that the picture was “creepy.” In her response, Jackson denied the photo’s creepiness and opened up about how it helped her imagine what her life would be like if she still had both her parents.

“U don’t think that’s creepy AF?” a fan asked in a now-deleted tweet.

“no i think it’s nice to dream about what it would be like to have parents, and to have it put into something i can see, even if it’s a fan made edit,” Jackson responded.

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Recently, Jackson also paid tribute to her late father at the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscars party, where she wore a show-stopping green dress, which many fans assume was a nod to Michael’s nickname for her, Tinkerbell. We’re not crying. You are.