Is Paris Hilton’s Absurdly Skinny Waist the Product of Photoshop?

Paris Hilton, have you been playing with photo editing apps again? All signs point to yes, definitely, and absolutely, as evidenced by a new photo the heiress posted to Instagram today that showcases (who else?) herself in a skimpy white bikini—and an absurdly skinny waist.

Obviously Hilton, 33, is naturally thin but there’s something about her body here that just doesn’t seem legit. Oh wait, it could be because the eagle-eyed folks over at the Daily Mail obtained paparazzi photos of Paris on the same trip to Ibiza  and let’s just say her body looks very different. Not to mention, if you look closely, you can see some fuzzy edges along her waistline—a clear (if shoddy) indicator that retouching is at play.

Back in June, we questioned whether it was this sort of behavior—the staggering number of celebrities, models, bloggers, and It-girls posting precariously skinny selfies to social media—that’s contributing both to the rise of retailers carrying teeny-tiny sizes (triple zero, anyone?) and the overwhelming use of photo-editing apps among young women.

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Not that we’ve ever looked to Paris as role model—she made it quite clear from an early age that wasn’t in her plans—but she does have 3 million Instagram followers, many of them likely impressionable young woman, so even though she’s sort of a caricature, it’s still a little unsettling that she freely posts photos of herself looking like human Barbie, especially because she’s slender to begin with.

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Before you comment, we implore you to head over to the Daily Mail to check out the seemingly au natural pics and let us know your thoughts.