Paris Hilton Shades Lindsay Lohan Over Iconic Picture with Britney Spears

Paris Hilton Shades Lindsay Lohan Over Iconic Picture with Britney Spears
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In 2006, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Britney Spears (three of young Hollywood’s biggest queens at the time) broke the internet when they were photographed on a never-before-seen hangout in Los Angeles. The iconic night even prompted Hilton to tweet the photos 11 years later, dubbing the hangout as “the first coming of The Holy Trinity.”

However, according to Hilton, the night might have never happened, if it wasn’t for a very thirsty and determined Lohan.

In an interview with MTV Australia, the 36-year-old socialite alleged that Lohan “wasn’t invited” and the girls’ night was initially just Hilton and Spears. She claimed that Lohan eventually joined the rendezvous when she spotted Hilton and Spears hanging out, chased down their car, and jumped in.

“Actually, it was just Brit and I out, and then she just like chased us to the car and got in,” Hilton said, when asked if Lohan responded to her recent tweet of the photos. “She wasn’t invited.”

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“The Simple Life” star continued to shade the “Freaky Friday” actress when she was asked what she would say to Lohan to get her out of her car. “You’re not on the list,” Hilton said.

In one final jab, the interviewer referenced Lohan’s recent trips to Mykonos, Greece, where she was reportedly swarmed by fans. “I mean, I think she’s doing well in Mykonos now,” the interviewer said. “Yeah, sure,” Hilton replied.

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She may not be the tabloid fixture she once was, but Hilton sure knows how to make headlines. We’re dying for Lohan to respond to Hilton’s shade.