Did Paris Hilton Shade Kim Kardashian’s Latest KKW Beauty Campaign?

Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton
Photo: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage.

Since Kim Kardashian quit her job as Paris Hilton’s stylist in the mid-2000s, the two have formed a close relationship. They tweet each other, model for each other’s clothing lines and attend each other’s parties. But is it all over?

According to fans, Hilton threw major shade at her former employee after she instagrammed a photoshoot that looked suspiciously similar to KKW Beauty’s latest campaign. Hilton’s pictures, which were shot a year ago, featured her naked in a bed of roses, with only flowers covering her private parts. One picture showed The Simple Life star lying down, while another saw her kneeling in a pin-up-style pose. “Love these photos I shot last year with the incredibly talented @BrendanForbes. 🔥 #iconic 👑,” Hilton wrote in the caption.

Immediately, fans compared Hilton’s instagrams to the pictures from Kardashian’s KKW Beauty campaign for the brand’s Cherry Blossom Collection, which she revealed on Instagram only two days earlier. Kardashian’s pictures feature her in a similar pose and background as Hilton, except, instead of roses, she’s naked in a bed of cherry blossoms.

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Given the timing of Hilton’s throwback, fans instantly considered it as shade toward Kardashian. Some speculated that Hilton was accusing Kardashian of copying her concept, while others believed that she was simply communicating that she did the naked-in-flowers photoshoot first.

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Turns out neither of them originated the naked-in-flowers concept. As many fans pointed out, the 1999 film American Beauty did it before both Hilton and Kardashian when it included an iconic scene of a high-school student, played by Mena Suvari, floating through a bed of roses.

Mystery solved.