Paris Hilton Nazi Salutes In St. Tropez, Posh Gets Boozy on ‘Vogue’ Turkey Cover

Kerry Pieri

RT @peoplemag There’s ANOTHER Mel Gibson tape. Which brings the count to, what, 90,000 tapes?
We’re thinking 90,001. This man needs to be banished.

RT @Bergdorfs This Kelly Wearstler table also is new to her boutique! …v chic 212 872 8868
We know this is straight Twitpic PR, but it’s sooo pretty…
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RT @derekblasberg I used to think only douchebags wore those REALLY deep V-neck T-shirts. But it is so hot right now, I wish I was in a plunging neckline too.
We contend you were correct the first time, sir.

RT @psimadethis PS- I think its ironic that outside of COTY offices there are 4 gross smelling kebob food carts
Is somebody trying to say they don’t like curry notes in their eau de parfum?

RT @ Rachel_Roy Pls help me settle a debate- Cary Grant, Robert Redford or Paul Newman- if you had to pick one? -RR
Redford from The Way We Were all the way to Up Close & Personal.

RT @heidimontag: wow i wrote 13 songs today!!!!
Can we pay you to never have to hear them Heidi?

WWD is calling Snookie out on her fashion foul. It’s not all catty though, the trade does offer home helpful advice for the Jersey-loving girl, which is more than Cathy Horyn did in the NY Times.

Oh gross. Paris Hilton maybe felt Lindsay was getting all of the negative attention. The heiress was snapped in a red hat doing what is apparently the Heil Hitler sign. Is there any more room in that jail cell? (Daily Mail)
96331 1280173413 Paris Hilton Nazi Salutes In St. Tropez, Posh Gets Boozy on Vogue Turkey Cover
Paris Hilton. Photo: Jean Baptiste Lacroix, WireImage

Boozy Posh? The former Spice Girl poses in her own design with a giant martini on the cover of Vogue Turkey. (Fab Sugar)

Sophia Bush is not pleased with Urban Outfitters. The One Tree Hill babe took to her blog to say yay to curves and blast the mall store for their anorexia-themed tee. (Coco Perez)

Drew Barrymore tells Nylon in the August issue, “If i ever do go shopping, I hit thrift stores cause I know Ill find new pieces around a job or a shot. Ive been wearing the same fking pair of jeans for 10 years. We call lie, chick definitely has more than one pair of jeans. (Just Jared)

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