Paris Hilton Modeling a Sequin Dress in a Laundromat Is the Funniest Thing We’ve Ever Seen

Maggie Griswold
Paris Hilton Modeling a Sequin Dress in a Laundromat Is the Funniest Thing We’ve Ever Seen
Photo: Getty Images.

Paris Hilton was never irrelevant; you’re just not paying attention. The icon is still working her diva looks and attitude (as if she’d be herself without them), and I am here for it. On Thursday, Paris Hilton modeled in a laundromat, and it was the funniest (and most iconic) thing I’ve ever witnessed. TBH, I’m still not sure she knows how to work a washing machine, but she definitely still knows how to work a camera.

Let me gently remind you that Paris Hilton has a net worth of $300 million. (With that kind of cash, I wouldn’t do my own damn laundry, either!) It just makes the fact that she modeled a Willfredo Gerado sequined dress—and heart-shaped sunnies—in a laundromat so much funnier. Hilton posted a video of herself strutting in the laundromat, opening a washer door and then closing it. The action looked entirely foreign to her (see: $300 million net worth), and I think I pulled a muscle laughing. She even captioned the video “#LaundryDay.” Yeah, as if, Paris.

Hilton then posted another video (well, really just a photo with a sparkly GIF) of herself in the dress. She posed against the washing machines, which, frankly, looked completely unnatural. This time, she captioned the photo with “#Killingit at the laundromat.” If by “killing it” she meant the ensemble, then yes. If she meant looking like she actually does her own laundry, then, no. Sorry, sweetie.

I don’t know whose idea it was to have Paris Hilton, the quintessential poster child for luxury, model in a laundromat, but I would like to personally thank them. Whether or not the irony was intentional (and I hope, for Paris Hilton’s sake, it was), the whole thing gave me a good laugh. I’ll try not to think too hard about it the next time I’m putting quarters into the washing machine in my apartment complex’s basement.