Amazing: Paris Hilton Left Justin Bieber’s Party Because He Played His Own Music Too Much

Meghan Blalock

The latest wacky celebrity news to emerge from the Cannes Film Festival is pretty much the most amazing piece of celebrity news to ever come out of the annual glamour-fest. According to the omnipresent eyeballs of TMZ, Paris Hilton gave an early departure from Justin Bieber’s Cannes after-party, which he threw at a mansion he has out there in France, because he (wait for it) was playing his own music too much.

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Here’s how it all went down: Paris and Justin got chummy at another Cannes party earlier in the evening, one hosted by Busta Rhymes, because of course. The two left that party together, sparking rumors that perhaps they were going to hook up; that turned out not to be the case as they showed up together at Bieber’s party not long after.

All was going well and everyone was having a good time, until Justin (who was apparently in charge of the tunes for the party) started playing his own songs one after another. Paris, fed up with such a blatant display of egotism, stormed out of the soirée 30 minutes after it started, never to return. (Because if anyone knows a blatant display of egotism when she sees it, it’s Paris Hilton.)

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We’ve run out of words. This is just amazing.

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