Really?! People are Fat-Shaming Paris Hilton for This Swimsuit Selfie

Really?! People are Fat-Shaming Paris Hilton for This Swimsuit Selfie
Photo: Getty Images

Paris Hilton is living her best life on a post-Thanksgiving trip to Thailand, but some on the internet are killing her vibe by filling her Instagram with obnoxious fat-shaming comments. The 36-year-old reality star-turned-DJ first caught the attention of body-shaming trolls in a swimsuit selfie taken in Phuket, Thailand.

The picture, taken at Phuket’s Trisara Resort, showed Hilton posing on her side in a striking one-piece pink swimsuit with a gorgeous beach landscape behind her. And though Hilton looked fab per usual in oversized pink sunglasses and adorable pigtails, some on the internet felt the need to criticize her weight.

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The comments primarily called Hilton “fat” or speculated that she was pregnant. Others questioned whether she gained weight. And though there were a few vocal body-shamers in the bunch, a majority of Hilton’s followers stood up for her, saying she looks great at every size. (Um, hell yes, she does!) A few of the positive comments included:

“All the people calling her ‘fat’ should be absolutely ashamed of themselves! She looks amazing!”

“God forbid a woman doesn’t have a perfectly flat stomach while lying on her side. She is of a healthy body weight so that must mean she’s pregnant. I can’t with all the people on here. If she were anyone else you’d never assume she was pregnant. Chill out.”

“Gorgeous shape! You look better than you ever have honey! Flaunt those curves! The look great on you!”

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As of yet, Hilton has no responded to the body-shaming trolls. Though, judging from the series of swimsuit pictures she posted after the one in question, it seems like Hilton is letting the hate roll off her shoulders, rather than spoil her trip in Thailand. Body-shamers can exit, because Hilton has no time for you.