This $21 Set of Organizers Is Tailor-Made For ‘The Home Edit’ Fans Who Love to Clean & Save Money

This $21 Set of Organizers Is Tailor-Made For ‘The Home Edit’ Fans Who Love to Clean & Save Money
Photo: Courtesy of Utopia Home.

After watching the new season of The Home Edit in less than 24 hours, I started poking around my apartment to see what I could improve on. But because I didn’t have the right tools and accessories, I only got as far as organizing my spices according to the brand name and sorting my nail polishes according to their lid color. Although these tiny tweaks did make an aesthetically pleasing improvement, I realized I caught the bug for organizing and wanted to do even more in my small space. When I spotted these fridge and pantry organizers at Amazon, I knew I had to scoop some up to make my life easier, especially since they are on sale right now.

My fridge tends to function like one big bottomless pit where things go in and don’t often come out. Once I throw in leftovers or fresh veggies, I tend to forget they’re there altogether until I start to smell them and realize I’ve made a grave mistake. Why? Because it’s not easy to see what’s in there once I’ve closed the door.

Instead of treating my fridge like a black tote bag where things go to die, I realized there are some simple changes I can make to not only make my life easier but save some serious cash and reduce unnecessary food waste in the process. These bins are so good , that no produce will be left behind. They’re so useful, that you’ll be able to use them in any room in the house. They’re so pretty, that you’ll want to show off your fridge immediately to everyone who comes over, not to mention upload a glorious shelfie photo to Instagram.

Utopia Home Pantry/Fridge Organizers (Set of 8)

pantry bins

Courtesy of Amazon.

These organizers are perfect for the fridge to store fruits, veggies and even your favorite canned drinks. Or use them in the pantry to keep track of individually wrapped snacks, ramen or anything you can think of. You not only get eight different bins for essentially the price of one, but it comes in two different sizes. You’ll get four bins that measure 12.4-inches long by 6.2-inches wide, and you’ll get a larger size of four bins that measure 14.5-inches long and 7-inches wide. The built-in handles make it easy to slide the bins in and out and grab exactly what you need every time.

Shoppers say this simple invention has totally transformed the way they operate in their kitchen . One shopper said, “I own a couple of sets of these from different brands and this set, this brand, is my favorite, even though it was not the most expensive or best reviewed.” That’s pretty high praise for a product that gives you eight pieces for just $25.

Another shopper said they’re “perfect for that awkward space in the kitchen.” If you live in a studio or small city apartment, you definitely know what they’re talking about. “My fridge was so cramped and it was hard to maneuver around and find things,” wrote another reviewer. “The bins are decent size, sturdy, and easy to clean and use.”

Reviewers also mention that these bins are totally stackable , which makes them perfect for small corners and limited cabinet space. To make them stackable, you just have to flip and alternate the ends. BRB, scooping these up now while they’re currently on sale on Amazon and then immediately inviting all my friends over to come see how clean and put together my life is.