Here Are the Top 10 Colors You Can Expect To See On Spring 2014 Runways

Meghan Blalock
pantone spring 2014

The rest of the key colors we’ll see on the Spring 2014 runways.

The color experts at Pantone Color Institute have announced the top 10 colors we’ll all be seeing on the Spring 2014 runways starting this week! The palette is actually quite lovely, with plenty of vivid blues and purples, a pastel green, and even a surprising neutral tone: Sand.

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“What’s interesting is we’re seeing exciting and fashionable colors as well as more neutral ones,” Leatrice Eiseman, Pantone’s executive director, told WWD. “It’s not as though everyone is willing to wear the bright colors from recent seasons head-to-toe. There needs to be equilibrium, and that is a more serious word than balance. The world still needs the stability of soft neutrals but we’re not just talking about gray, beige and taupe.”

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Below, see the full list of the top 10 colors to expect from designers this season, ranked in order—and the percentage of designers who will use each one in their Spring 2014 collections!

1. Dazzling Blue: 17.05%

2. Violet Tulip: 16.47%

3. Radiant Orchid: 15.88%

4. Celosia Orange: 10%

5. Freesia: 8.24%

6. Cayenne: 7.65%

7. Placid Blue: 7.06%

8. Paloma: 6.47%

9. Sand: 5.88%

10. Hemlock: 5.3%