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Bella Magazine Editor-in-Chief Vanessa Coppes Shares How Her Tía Guided Her Motherhood Journey

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Bella Magazine Editor-in-Chief Vanessa Coppes Shares How Her Tía Guided Her Motherhood Journey

Chloe Castleberry

For Vanessa Coppes, CEO, and Editor-In-Chief of Bella Magazine, her tía Yolanda has always been like a second mom. From the highest highs to the lowest lows, tía Yolanda has always been there to share her wisdom, guidance, support, and of course to show her how to dance. “She taught me many, many things like how to dance the meringue and salsa,” Vanessa says. “As Latina women, you have to dominate that the sooner the better.” Despite Vanessa’s moves, the two did have their disagreements over who was the better dancer — we’ll let you be the judge of that.

But one thing that can’t be disputed? Is the impact her tía has had on Vanessa’s own motherhood journey. “Because of how late she became a mom in life, and the fact that she was able to live her life, that’s the example I took for myself,” Vanessa says. “I’ve been able to build a career aside from also wanting to be a mom — I always saw her as what a powerful woman looks like.”

To have her tía by her side in Vanessa’s life journey has been an immense joy, and one Vanessa does not take for granted, especially when it comes to being a part of Vanessa’s children’s lives. Something Vanessa has always done to show her appreciation for all her tías and her mom, who lives out of the country, is to give group gifts. “I can remember back when Pandora first came out,” Vanessa says. “I gave each of them a bracelet with an angel because I have always seen my aunts as angels — it’s something that’s very special to all of us.”

Yellow roses are also very special to Vanessa and the women in her family as they are one of the gifts they send to each other. And because they live in different countries, they’ll even text pictures of yellow roses to each other when they see them because they all know it connects them to each other.

But aside from yellow roses and jewelry, what truly connects them is the special bond they share. “She has been such a great friend to me,” Vanessa says. “It’s a really very strong and powerful bond. I will her forever and ever. She’s so important to me.”

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