Check This Out: An English Art Student Paints Dead Rock Stars As Tudor Aristocrats

Perrie Samotin

Amy Winehouse

Around here, there’s nothing we love more than an interesting, often subversive art project that places celebrities and pop culture icons in unlikely or though-provoking situations.

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We’ve covered what happens when Disney princesses end up unhappily ever after, when A-list stars get photoshopped to look like ordinary people, and when men dress up in their girlfriend’s clothes—just to name a few. The latest project that’s caught our attention: English fine art student Aaron Illsley’s portraits of deceased rock stars who’ve been “Tudorised” by the artist.


John Lennon

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As the Daily Mail reported, Illsley—who’s only 21 years old—was commsioned by Graham Jenkins, the owner of a Enghlish pub called Henry Tudor House bar and restaurant, to paint the pictures after his own son introduced him to fellow student Illsely.

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“He sent me Aaron’s self-portrait and I thought ‘this is a guy who can really paint,'” Jenkins told the Daily Mail.


Sid Vicious

Aaron, who takes a month to complete each painting, so far has tackled dead rock stars that include Amy Winehouse, John Lennon, ans Sex Pistols frontman Sid Vicious, and he’s currently working on—get this—a portrait of the very much alive Dr. Dre, who he plans to depict in the style of Botticelli’s Birth of Venus. That we can’t wait to see.

Head over to the Daily Mail now to read more about Aaron Illsley and see more of his very cool art!