The Pains of Being Pure at Heart Release Music Video


I have a really bad habit of saying “ew” when I think clothes and people are cute. I picked this habit up from two middle school friends who would join me in exclamations of, “Ew! I love your Limited Too nail polish in Sparkle Eggplant! Ew! I hate you!” It’s probably the worst thing you could say to an adolescent girl during the point in her life when passive aggressiveness and back handed compliments are commonplace jabs at sensitive egos. However, when I say, “Ew!” I genuinely mean that it’s adorable; it’s like when something is so cute that you feel yourself becoming inexplicably violent towards it. No? That’s just me? Moving right along…

When I came across this music video by local Indie band The Pains of Being Pure at Heart for their song, “Everything With You,” I immediately thought, “Ew, these girls are effing adorable.” The song itself is fun and lighthearted with gentle pop rock undertones. The grainy and choppy video chronicles two girls with bangs and bedhead doing normal things but for some reason it’s so much cooler when they do it. The video could not fit the song more perfectly as I feel “Everything With You” should definitely be accompanied by some kind of shopping montage in a coming of age teenage comedy.

Check out this awesome video for laid back style inspiration. Ew, I can’t deal with how cute they are…

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