Why Summer House’s Paige Says She Would ‘Never Shut Door’ on Dating Co-Star Carl

Paige DeSorbo, "Summer House"
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Summer House season 5 just premiered, but Paige DeSorbo already knows she wants to return to the Hamptons for season 6. “I am single now. Single Paige wants to stay in the Hamptons,” she tells StyleCaster. 

Paige is one of nine main cast members on the Bravo reality TV series, along with Kyle Cooke, Lindsay Hubbard, Carl Radke, Amanda Batula, Danielle Olivera, Hannah Berner, Luke Gulbranson and Ciara Miller. She split from her boyfriend, Perry Rahbar, in October 2020, and confirms that her time on Summer House played into her decision to call it quits. 

“Going into the season, I was torn. I didn’t know what was going to happen,” she says. “Being in the house showed me a lot of things that I was missing in my relationship and missing in myself. It was eye-opening when I was away from him for six weeks to think on my own and realize what I wanted. I think filming and being around my friends for six weeks was helpful in my decision-making.”

Though Paige and Perry didn’t speak at first after their breakup, she reveals that they recently reconnectected as friends. “We’ve been friends for almost five years, so we’re very cordial. I just saw him a couple weeks ago for the first time,” she says. “We’re still in group chats together. We follow each other on Instagram. We like each other’s pictures. We’re mature. We would never put our mutual friends in a situation where they felt it would be awkward if we were both at a function together. We took the necessary time in the beginning of our breakup to not speak, not see each other, not look at each other’s social media, and after a few months, we were like, ‘Well, you’re obviously going to be in my life.’ We both still really love each other.”

Now that Paige is single, fans want to know about what her relationship is like with another Summer House star, Carl, and whether she could see them dating for real. Ahead, Paige talked to StyleCaster about where her relationship with Carl is now and this season’s explosive physical fight between Kyle and Luke, and if she’s dating anyone now. 

On seeing a different side of Carl in season 5

“If I had met this Carl the first summer, we probably would’ve gone on more dates. I probably would’ve gotten to know him more on a romantic level. Things might’ve been different. We’ve created such a great friendship now in the past three summers that I love where our relationship is currently. I wouldn’t change anything, but I always wonder what would’ve happened. 

On why she would “never say never” to dating Carl

“Carl and I will always have a flirty banter. We are very close. I know Carl always has my back, and I will always have his. My family loves him. I never say never and never shut the door on anything because you never know. But I love my friendship with him and where we are right now is the best for both of us. If either of us wanted to take it actually serious and try something, we would be able to have a very open conversation. But I don’t think either of us wants that right now.”

On Luke & Kyle’s physical fight

“Somehow I’ve escaped a lot of fights this summer, which is great for me. I was in the kitchen when all this went down. We were drinking all day, per usual, so I don’t even know how it actually started. I know it escalated very quickly. Once the boys started fighting and I heard Luke’s voice reach a different octave than I’d ever heard before that’s when I bowed out, and I had nothing to do with it. When people start to get physical, that’s when I’m like, ‘OK. I’m probably going to bed.’ I wasn’t involved at all. Hannah, myself and Ciara just sat there and watched. But it was crazy. It definitely carried into the next couple of days. 

Once alcohol is mixed with anything, people start to say how they truly feel. The boys were getting a lot of things off their chest. It started with a really minor situation that ended up escalating very quickly. I think it was something with Hannah and Luke, and Kyle chimed in. Then Kyle and Luke really took it home.”

On if she’s dating anyone now

“I’m dating everyone now. I’m definitely going on dates. Seeing people. Nothing serious at all. I’m very different being 28 and single. If Carl thought I was hard on him the first summer, you should see what I’ve been putting people through recently. I know myself a lot better. I know what I want. This summer, if we do the house again, I would be so much more fun and free. I’m not looking to be anyone’s girlfriend anytime soon.”

If she would ever come back to Summer House without Hannah

“If Hannah wasn’t on the show, I would come back just because I wouldn’t want to leave everyone else but there would be a huge missing link in the house.I’ve roomed with her the past three summers, and some of my favorite moments of the summer—this sounds like we’re dating—is waking up to her and laughing and falling asleep and watching TV. It would be horrible if she wasn’t back, and I would have a pretty tough time with that.”

On how much her Summer House wardrobe she actually wore 

“I love options. I knew I wasn’t going to wear everything. I have different moods. Sometimes when I’m not speaking and I’m just in the living room, I’m really in my head coming up with different outfits. Like ‘Oh do I have something like that? Could I put that together?’ I like to have everything in front of me. In terms of picking my outfits for the day when we’re in the Summer House, it depends on what we’re doing. Some days we’re going to the beach; some days we’re just lounging around the house. If we ever go out to dinner, I want to have a good outfit. It depends on the situation and that’s how I go about it. I like to have the perfect outfit for the perfect occasion. Lounging is still a look. It’s still a vibe. I like to have a matching headband or an accessory. During quarantine I just missed clothes so much.”

Summer House airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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