Overnight Fashion Celebrity: The Rise Of Lana Del Rey

Spencer Cain

A year ago, no one knew the name Lana Del Rey. And then a few months ago, after gaining extensive buzz on the blogosphere, she was on Saturday Night Live. Her performance was widely criticized by a slew of viewers — including some outspoken celebrities who scratched their heads in confusion as to why she was there in the first place. From my perspective, Lana Del Rey’s fate was sort of sealed. But in this age of technology, social media and ultimately chaos, this was merely the beginning of her career.

Tonight, Del Rey will attend the Met Gala (otherwise known as the biggest red carpet on the east coast) with designer Joseph Altuzarra. Although she has raised her credibility and profile in recent months, this will be her crowning moment. The 2012 Met Gala is Lana Del Rey’s debutante ball, and she is clearly prepared to come out. Many suspect Del Rey’s rise to the top has been somewhat calculated. After all, she changed her name from Elizabeth Woolridge Grant when she moved to the Big Apple from upstate New York, and it has been rumored that she even had plastic surgery.

Within weeks of her debut album (which was a sales success almost immediately), it was announced that luxury British brand Mulberry would be naming a bag after her. Now, she makes the rounds at all of their events: sitting front row at London Fashion Week, schlepping around their glorious swag, and performing at and hosting swanky dinners. I’ve said this many a time to Lana naysayers (I myself am slightly guilty of having been a part of this group), but I’ll say it again: You can hate all you want, but you can’t stop the Del Rey from shining.

Click through the gallery above for a look at Lana’s leap to stylish notoriety, and get ready to salivate over tonight’s Met Gala carpet.