Our Worst Mean Girl Moments of All Time

Jessica Rubin
Our Worst Mean Girl Moments of All Time
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Let’s face it: growing up is hard and you’re bound to get a little bruised on your way to the top. We’ve all had to deal with mean girls (and though we may be ashamed to admit it, we might have played the mean card ourselves once in a while). But at least you’re not alone.

The StyleCaster team decided it was time to share our worst mean girl experiences from our younger days up until now. From best friends gone bad to break-up horror tales, we’ve got them all. So click through the slideshow above for our stories and share yours with us in the comment section below!

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"After missing a couple field hockey practices my senior year due to an overwhelmingly huge term paper (following my mother's rules), my entire team voted behind my back that I shouldn't play against our biggest competitor rival where typically every senior started. After seeing my mother have an argument with the athletic director, I crossed the field to find out what was up. She then told me that not only had my friends stabbed me in the back, but the coach allowed it and led the vote. Needless to say, I couldn't wait for graduation day." - Liz Doupnik, Fashion Editor

"Okay, so there was this awful girl, let's call her Jamie. It was around 5th grade, I was young and addicted to the Internet. This was a time when AOL profiles ruled the world and in order to show popularity you had to list your friends by their initials. One day, this heinous brat Jamie instant messages me and goes, 'Spencer, I just wanted to clarify that when I wrote 'SC' on my profile, it was supposed to be 'CS' -- I would never have your name on my profile and I never want you to think I would.' Funny story about this gal, she then proceeded to attend my sleep away camp (where I was way cooler than her) and she acted like we were best friends so she could break her way into my circle. I wanna slap her to this day, and I probably will." - Spencer Cain, Entertainment Editor

"I have been fortunate enough to not have that many 'Mean Girl' moments in my life...probably because all of my friends were big dorks just like me. But participating in Greek life in college, you couldn't get out unaffected by the cattiness. The worst was probably when 'someone' posted about my breakup on this college gossip site called Posh Society. Thankfully, a photo was posted of my ex on the same site a few days later with Perez Hilton -esque illustrations of er, male seed on his face. One word - Karma." Amanda Elser, Beauty Editor

"My friends (note I was not there) went to a party together and one, let's call her Sam, heard the boy she liked was coming but unfortunately he liked another one in the group, let's call her Amanda. Sam then told Amanda she was going home and asked if they all wanted to leave together. Shortly thereafter Sam put Amanda in a cab and went back up to the party. She had successfully sent Amanda home all the while planning to go back upstairs!" - Anonymous

"A few years ago, I landed what I thought was my dream job. Unfortunately one of the executive editors there thought otherwise and was gunning for me from day one. On my second week there, she decided it was totally acceptable to email my boss, human resources AND CC me about the fact that she didn't think I was 'working out' and I should consider handing in my resignation. Needless to say, I got a call from human resources alright, but not about MY job. Not only was the editor forced to apologize to me, but HER boss (a VERY famous editor-in-chief) personally called to reprimand her in front of me and half the department. (Trust me, the look on her face was sooo worth it.)" - Summer Krecke, Content Director

"In college I lived with two girls that I met on the first day of orientation -- one of those instant connection type things, we became 'besties' and hung out 24/7 freshman year and then moved in together sophomore year. Well, after being away for a summer and studying abroad in London during my summer after sophomore year, I came home to find out that they had 'grown closer' while I was gone, and we had just 'grown apart.' They told me they had found a place and were moving in together, without me. Obviously, I moved out (and into an amazing 7 person party house, Big Ten college-style) and I learned how to tell fake people from real ones. And let me tell you kids, that's an important skill." Rachel Adler, Beauty Director

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