The New Limited-Edition Our Place Accessory Will Save Your Towels From Ruin

The New Limited-Edition Our Place Accessory Will Save Your Towels From Ruin
Photo: Courtesy of Our Place.

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You’ve heard us sing the praises of the Instagram-worthy brand Our Place before, especially in regards to its amazing Always Pan, which already has hundreds of thousands of five-star reviews under its belt. The reason behind the hype? It’s responsible for making so many versatile and multifunctional pieces of cookware, like the eight-in-one pot that’ll replace your Dutch oven and stainless steel fryers alike. But we’re not here to talk about either of those. We’re here to talk about the latest (and greatest) invention from the brand: a nonstick and detachable fry deck.

The limited-edition accessory makes the task of frying food safer and cleaner. So, how does this adorable little add-on work? When attached to the Always Pan and or Perfect Pot, this fry deck allows for food items to have a place to rest pre and post-frying. With it, items can drip dry over your pot or pan after, or during, frying, so you won’t have to use paper towels just to absorb excess oil from fried food items.

Since it keeps food items at close reach, you’ll be able to whip up a batch of fried chicken, tempura or fries like the top chef you secretly are. Another reason why we are hopelessly OBSESSED with it? Because the fry deck sits nicely over the pan or pot, it’ll keep fried food items nice and warm until it’s time to eat. Genius.

Oh, and another added bonus? It comes with added cooking chopsticks to make picking up your food a cinch. 

Our Place Fry Deck

Courtesy of Our Place.

Like other kitchen essentials from Our Place, the limited-edition Fry Deck is available in an extensive color range—it comes in pink, blue, grey, black, and green tones, which ultimately makes it look like they came straight out of an exclusive Etsy ceramic shop.

It’s not just pretty to look at, though. It’s easy to maintain by being wiped clean or hand-washed after use. However, there are some minor caveats to be aware of: it’s not microwavable or dishwasher-safe. However, if you’ve been looking for a safe way to fry for a while now, this is your sign to buy the fry deck for $30. Trust us, your tastebuds will thank you for the fried potstickers you’re about to get in your belly.