Our Favorite Grammy Singers Who Use Music For Revenge

I know you’re currently in your NYFW bubbles, but yesterday was the 53rd Grammy Awards. It’s not only the biggest night in the music industry, but also a sort of high school reunion for all recording artists. And, like high school, there are singers whose awkward pasts with one another inadvertently unearth. It’s a small, small world of celebrities and I’m sure your occasional perusal through Us Weekly and People magazine has you keeping tabs on which singers have been on…and off.

When regular folk go through ill-fated romances and seek revenge, they’ll likely go out in a super hot dress and “coincidentally” run into their ex. Grammy-worthy singers, however, play this game at another caliber. Not only will they opt for looking super hot (when are they not, really?), but they’ll write a song about it all. And make it a chart topper. And keep it on the radio for months. Heck, maybe they’ll even win an award while they’re at it.

Here are some singers who’ve taken advantage of their talents for some very public displays of affection, regret, and plain old post-breakup bitterness:

1. Taylor Swift
Miss Swift is the queen of song-writing revenge. The girl rose to fame with musical tales of high school love and has since continued her tradition of writing about “boys who do bad things,” only, she’s talking famous boys now. On an Ellen DeGeneres appearance in 2009, Taylor publicly announced her song “Forever and Always,” was about that 27-second phone call breakup with ex Joe Jonas. It seems after two years she’s still not over it since her newest album, “Speak Now,” includes “Better than Revenge,” a song blatantly about actress Camilla Belle, the one who took him away. Also on the album is “Dear John,” about–you guessed it–much older flame John Mayer, and “Innocent,” an ode to Kanye West based on his infamous 2009 VMA interruption. Some people think it’s plain unclassy, but the girl grabbed four Grammys last year, including Album of the Year, so I say classy or not, she’s working it. We’re just waiting on a song about Jake.

2. The Jonas Brothers
The virginal trio (oh wait, the oldest one got married…) caused some buzz when they sang “Much Better,” a song apparently dedicated to then-gf Camilla Belle, in which Joe gave Taylor a taste of her own medicine with the lyrics “Get a rep for breaking hearts/now I’m done with superstars/and all the tears on her guitar/I’m not bitter.” You sure about that, Joe? Cause I don’t see your golden gramophone.

3. Miley Cyrus
The fight never stops with that Disney bunch, huh? Before she pole-danced on awards shows and couldn’t be tamed, Miley Cyrus rose to the top of charts in 2008 with her song, “7 Things,” written about her “first love” Nick Jonas. In the music video she holds up a photo of the two of them in front of the camera…very discreet.

P.S. Her ex-boyfriend-slash-underwear-model-slash-wannabe-John-Mayer Justin Gaston wrote an admiration song about none other than Taylor Swift. Uhm?

4. Mariah Carey
After rumors flew around about 5 time Grammy winner Mimi‘s involvement with rapper Eminem, she bust out the hit single “Obsessed” and paired it with a music video where she played both herself and a hooded Eminem-look-alike stalking her as she, um, sprawled herself on a couch?

Of course he would. Eminem never smiles–not even when he earned a Grammy himself last night! Well, all that pent-up anger came out when he penned “The Warning,” a direct hit against Mariah and her hubby Nick Cannon. Slim Shady gives a very detailed first-person account of the affair and, gasp, uses their names. Sample lyrics: “I got the same exact tat that’s on Nick’s back /I’m obsessed now/ Oh gee, is that supposed to be me in the video with the goatee? /Wow Mariah, didn’t expect you to go balls out.” Dun. Dun. Dunnn.

6. Jennifer Lopez
The 2 time Grammy nominee never released this as a single, but on J.Lo’s album, This is Me, she wrote “Dear Ben” for Ben Affleck. How do I know this? She said so when I watched her E! True Hollywood story (yes, that’s a snippet of my exciting life.) Our favorite girl from the block writes, “I just can’t control myself/I can’t be with no one else.” Except, in the end she ends up with Marc Anthony. Hah.

7. Justin Timberlake
Did anyone else cry when Britney and Justin broke up? They were a match made in pop heaven (I mean come on, the matching denim outfits!) While Britney/Justin fans everywhere were torn, Justin was on top of the world with his first solo album Justified, which featured “Cry Me A River,” the song that earned him a Grammy in 2004. A what? Yes, a Grammy. Although he never confirms that this song was about Britney, his music video stars a Brit look-a-like that definitely suggests it, so we’ll just go with that.

8. Chris Brown
On 5-time Grammy nominee Chris Brown’s first album post Rihanna incident, Graffiti, there are three rumored songs supposedly dedicated to RiRi, including “Apology,” “Famous Girl,” and “Changed Man.” There’s no telling if any of it is true, but there were allegations that Rihanna cried upon hearing “Changed Man,” which she later denied in an interview with Diane Sawyer. Especially after Rihanna’s super hot performances with both Eminem and Drake last night, you can’t blame the guy for being inspired by the Barbadian beauty.

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