Our 5 Picks to Play Grace Kelly in Upcoming Movie

Spencer Cain
Our 5 Picks to Play Grace Kelly in Upcoming Movie
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Two days ago, Hollywood Reporter announced that a Grace Kelly biopic (entitled Grace of Monaco) was in the works. We here at StyleCaster could not be more excited. Not only is Grace’s life one that every girl (and some boys) dreams of – she was a Hollywood starlet who became a princess – she is one of the most important style icons of all time. After all, theHerms Kelly bag was named after her, and that’s no small feat.

Now that the movie is confirmed, the real question is: WHO can play her? Sure, many Hollywood stars have the acting prowess to tackle the role, but who has the style and swagger to match? Check out my picks in the slideshow, and vote for who you think would do the Princess of Monaco proud.

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Michelle Williams certainly has the acting chops and the look to play the iconic Princess. Her sweet, soft nature is equally counterbalanced by her sass and strength - displayed in films like Brokeback Mountain and Dick

Blake Lively's role as Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl is basically like playing a princess anyway, and the face of Chanel is obviously one of this generation's style stars. Sure, she may not walk off with an Academy Award for this performance, but she would light up the screen like no other. Ugh, and I'm imagining Leonardo DiCaprio as her Prince Rainier. Reunited and it feels so good...

British beauty Naomi Watts has proven her versatility, flitting between roles in horror films and thrillers, as well as heavy dramas like the upcoming J. Edgar. Did I mention she's ridiculously gorgeous? 

I know this will be a controversial choice, but Kim Kardashian could potentially have a shot at this role. Of course, this depends on the success of her biggest gig to date - a supporting player in a Tyler Perry movie. I mean, okay. I know how ridiculous this sounds - but Kim loves the Princess, has a glamorous and exotic look, and frankly she looked phenomenal flaunting that massive rock in Monaco

Sure, Andrej Pejic isn't exactly an actress. But he killed it as Marilyn Monroe. And he's probably the most glamorous of them all! 

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