The Oscars: The Dress Bribery Debate

Jordynn Haskins

It’s that time of year again people, the BIG red carpet will be rolled out for the biggest names in Hollywood to parade BIG fashion. Granted the night is about winning that shiny golden man known by the name of Oscar. But arguably for us, the night is more or less about the A-list stars and their choice of attire. This event is pivotal and can definitely make or break an actress’s (and the team behind her look’s) career. One bad move and you’retoast

Why such pressure you ask? Well for starters, these talented artists work their hineysoff in hopes that their silver screen performance lands them a nomination. With that said, it’s also the Super Bowl of award shows. With 37 million viewers anticipating the arrival of their favorite actress, gowns are required to be nothing short of princess status.

If it’s a show-stopping number, it can be just as profound as winning the award itself. With millions watching, it’s make or break time for the designer and the army of stylists who slaved to make sure their A-lister is on a best dressed list.

You would be surprised at how much delegating (read: bribery) goes into making sure the stylist secures the right gown. Designers go as far as offering vouchers for liposuction (how considerate??). They offer free face lifts and compensation worth a pretty penny. I mean, it is free publicity, right?

Luckily, the smaller designers go for a subtle route, by offering free clothing, seats to fashion shows AND of course they get to keep the gown (sounds pretty convincing to us).

Well my little fashionistas, all I can say is that Sunday is going to be one outrageous show full of amazing fashion, knee slapping jokes courtesy of Billy Crystal AND acceptance speeches worth tuning in for. Be sure to check in with us to get the latest breaking news the night of!

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