Oscars 2012: The Best Celebrity Tweets Of The Night

Spencer Cain
Oscars 2012: The Best Celebrity Tweets Of The Night
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I don’t know about you, but I think tonight’s Academy Awards has sort of been a total snoozefest. The entire thing seems completely catered to Hollywood’s elite group of old, white, rich men whose greatest concern is which Hybrid car to buy and whether to eat at Spago or La Scala for lunch. Well, I guess it has always been that way, but it just seems really clear this year.

Anyway, the only way to deal with the tedious ceremony is to stay glued to Twitter — where celebrities and fashionistas alike weigh in on the situations at hand, and provide some seriously amazing commentary.

Click through the gallery above for a look at our favorite celebrity tweets of the night. Oh, and FYI, Alec Baldwin WINS. EVERYTHING.

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Someone had to say it. I mean, really. 

Derek Blasberg is truly a resourceful thinker and should consider a career in crisis management after this tweet!

Good question, Kelly Cutrone...

Hey, it's just one of the many jobs for George Clooney's girl!

Kathy Griffin had a lot to say tonight.

This...made me die laughing. I can't even.

Amen, hon.

Stacy Keibler tells us all what we really wanted to know.

Best tweet of all time, possibly. Thank you, Alec Baldwin

Prabal Gurung exposes his true feelings. 

Sandra Bernhard speaks the truth, as per usual. 

Of course Piers Morgan enjoyed the show. 


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