Drama: Orlando Bloom Threw a Punch at Justin Bieber

justin bieber orlando bloom fight video

Finally, it looks like someone put Justin Bieber in his place, or tried to, anyway: Orlando Bloom reportedly threw a punch at the smug pop star outside an Ibiza restaurant  early Wednesday morning.

According to a video obtained by TMZ, the melee went down at in Cipriani restaurant—which, incidentally was packed with celebrities, including Paris Hilton, and Diddy—and while you don’t see Bloom swing, an eyewitnesses said Justin ducked the punch. That’s where the video starts and you hear Justin bellow, “What’s up bitch?!”

So, what would these two celebrities—a bratty pop star and a somewhat refined British actor—even have to fight about? Girls, obviously.

In 2012, it made headlines that Justin partied with Orlando’s then-wife supermodel Miranda Kerr after the 2012 Victoria’s Secret fashion show, then this past April, Bloom Orlando was hanging out with Justin’s on-and-off love Selena Gomez.

After Orlando made this alleged punch, Justin—who’s not having a great year, image-wise—left the restaurant and the crowd applauded, the site reported.

And, because we’re all great big children and no feud is complete without some sort of social media component, TMZ reported that after he left, Bieber posted a sexy pic of Kerr in a bikini top to Instagram—though quickly took it down.

Head over to TMZ to watch the video of the fight, and let us know who’s side you’re on.