Please Welcome Orlando Bloom to the World of Instagram

Please Welcome Orlando Bloom to the World of Instagram
Photo: Wenn

Orlando Bloom, in case you somehow missed it, is dating someone very famous. It could even be argued that this is his most famous girlfriend yet, in a long trail of famous girlfriends, who include Jennifer Aniston, Kate Bosworth, Kirsten Dunst, Penelope Cruz, and, of course, ex-wife Miranda Kerr. But now he’s dating Katy Perry, who likes Instagram. And so, lo and behold, Bloom blooms upon Instagram too.

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We’ll let you sift through at your leisure, taking in such wonders as a dapper Bloom grinning alongside Ziggy Chen, a horseback-riding bloom, a helicoptering Bloom, and, importantly, Bloom’s mum.

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Go ahead: Grab a cup of coffee, and allow yourself to really take it all in. Go pic by pic. Notice colors, textures. Try to imagine what certain situations and locations smell like. Don’t worry. We won’t judge you.

Bonus feature: Here are the four shots we singled out, in case you’re too lazy to head over to IG yourself (or your work has a block on such sites).