The Organic Pharmacy Lands in L.A.


The last time I took a trip to London, I went to a certain store called The Organic Pharmacy a grand total of FIVE times. Five. In the space of, er, six days. I was that obsessed. You see, The Organic Pharmacy takes the all-natural ethos and takes it to another level altogether. They’re the only pharmacy in the world solely dedicated to using only organic products, ingredients, and treatments. Not only will the talented staff mix up a personalized herbal remedy for you if you’re feeling a bit under the weather, they’ll also help you pick out a custom-blended cream or lotion, or other such concoction made ingredients personally sourced by co-founder Margo Marrone who, appropriately enough, happens to be a trained pharmacologist and homeopathist. By the time I left London, I had purchased an extra little tote bag for all the Organic Pharmacy products I couldn’t seem to stay away from. 

And now, as if it weren’t enough that Angelenos are currently lounging about in 70 degree, sunny weather while we New Yorkers are suffering through a freezing cold spell that seems as though it will never end, it seems that the left coast has gotten an Organic Pharmacy branch of it’s own! Just opened on North Beverly Drive, the 1000-square-foot gleaming white space is enough to make me consider migrating west for the winter. Here’s to hoping it beats the r-word (I’m making it a goal not to say the full word aloud for JUST ONE DAY) and makes NYC it’s next stop.