Orange You Glad You’re Fab?


“It’s so exhausting being fabulous.” Sort-of famous words spoken by Victoria Beckham on her TV special, “Coming to America,” and a truer sentiment was never spoken. (Maybe.) Our guess is it’s also exhausting making sure Posh stays fabulous 24/7, with her ever-growing entourage of beauty specialists. (All told firmly to stay away from her hubby, we’re sure.)

The Daily News reported today that Beckham recently hired her own personal spray-tanner, whose sole purpose is to make sure she stays bronzed and lovely. Dubbed Mr. Spray Tan (true story), he sprays our fave ex-Spice Girl twice a month.

Hey, don’t hate. If a girl can have three kids, design jeans, dresses, perfume, and still tower over us even though she’s 5’2,” who are we to judge her need to be tan all year-round without leaving her L.A. mansion?