Orange County Choppers in StyleCaster’s Studio


Orange County Choppers, a TLC reality show that follows a bunch of badass bikers, has come to New York for guess what? Fashion. That’s right, the biker boys have a softer side, and they’re letting it show in the StyleCaster studios. TLC tagged along for the ride, and stayed the entire day.


One of the show’s cast members, Paul Junior, recently started his own clothing line called Paul Jr. Designs, inspired by custom motorcycles. The line consists of wearable basics for men and women, including tees, jackets, hats, and portable grills. Junior’s customized Road Trip Grill, which will be available next year for $199, features motorcyle inspired accents such as a speedometer and thermometer.

Today, the Orange County Choppers cast traded in their helmuts and played models for the day, even posing for StyleCater’s signature 360-degree looks.

Tune in to TLC to check out yours truly, StyleCaster, on Orange County Choppers.