An Oral Sex Fan Tries the Best Oral Sex Toys on the Market—and Shares Her Favorites

Rachel Charlene Lewis
An Oral Sex Fan Tries the Best Oral Sex Toys on the Market—and Shares Her Favorites
Photo: Allison Kahler.

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Over the last few years, more and more oral sex toys have come onto the market. This is likely the result of one simple fact: A lot of women get off via oral sex (thank god sex toys are finally recognizing that). While I have nothing against a more phallic sex toy, I appreciate the variety oral sex toys offer. But how do you know where to begin? By checking out the best oral sex toys on the market—and getting to know them through reviews. 

I count myself among the women who really, really enjoy oral sex. Like, 100 percent. I remember when I first learned what oral sex was, and how immediately I latched onto the idea. Of course it would be fun. Of course it would feel amazing. And of course, one day, I would try it.

The reality, of course, wasn’t so clean-cut. Oral sex is complicated. It’s very up close and personal for obvious reasons, and it can cause a ton of insecurity—especially for women, but really, for everyone. How do you know if you like it? How do you know your partner likes it? What if your partner doesn’t like it?

For me, that’s where oral sex toys come in. As someone who has to really and truly be mentally in the zone to orgasm, it can be really difficult for me to come when I’m having sex with a partner who distracts me. And I don’t mean like, telling a dorky joke. I mean someone I don’t trust, or someone who makes me feel weird or nervous or awkward. I have to be comfortable enough to let go.

Sex toys that simulate oral sex are a guaranteed orgasm for me because they provide the sensation of oral sex with zero stress. There’s no reason to worry about what the other person thinks, or how they’re experiencing sex or your body. It’s all you.

These are the oral sex toys that kind of make my entire life. Because, if you, too, live for oral sex, you deserve it whenever you want it—and you can get it whenever you want it, thanks to these beautiful—sometimes artful, often impactful—oral sex toys

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screen shot 2019 01 22 at 7.59.38 pm An Oral Sex Fan Tries the Best Oral Sex Toys on the Market—and Shares Her Favorites

1. LELO Sona Cruise, $99 at Adam & Eve

The LELO Sona Cruise is by far one of the best sex toys I’ve ever used. First of all, it’s beautiful. I regularly leave this out on my bookshelf simply because I appreciate a sex toy that looks as good on Instagram as it works in terms of function. It’s 2019, people—attention to design matters. Second, it’s genuinely great. I was interested in trying the LELO Sona Cruise, because some reviews say it offers a “weird” feeling—and I’m personally into sex toys that push beyond the expected and give you something special.

What’s so good about this vibrator isn’t just that it’s waterproof (which, again, should be a given in 2019 when it comes to sex toys), or that it has tons of modes (eight, to be specific). I appreciate the simple fact that this is meant to reach your entire clitoris, not just the part you might see. (If you’ve started digging into oral sex-focused toys in any way, you’ve probably seen this general shape before. If not, here’s the breakdown: You wrap your hands around the body of the toy, and there’s this tiny, almost mouth-like opening at the very tip of it. That’s where the magic happens.)

The LELO Sona Cruise’s “fluttery” vibrations and general shape make it easy to sort of press against it and feel the “arms” of your clitoris, which live beneath your skin. Still, since it has those eight modes of intensity, you can get one solid buzz, a variety of buzzes, or, my favorite, a rolling, deep buzz that builds and builds before it shoots straight through your body.

Only downside: This toy is NOT quiet. I don’t really care about noise, because I live with my partner and no other roommates, but if you’re turned off by noise, this probably won’t be your go-to.

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2. Womanizer Classic, $129 at Babeland

If oral sex is something you’re into, and you need something a bit more subtle, the Womanizer Classic should be in your back pocket (or your bedside table, or on your bookshelf—you do you). It’s pretty sleek, and pretty simple to use. Just charge it—no batteries, again, it’s 2019!—and put the little mouth on your clitoris. (Pro tip: You can play around with sort of dragging it in slow (gentle!) circles around your clitoral hood to imitate teasing.)

Why subtle? For starters, it uses “Pleasure Air Technology,” which basically means it takes a gentler approach to the oral sex simulation game. Instead of really just vibrating the hell out of your clit, this toy has a stronger sense of suction than many other oral sex toys. Not to mention, it’s quiet. While the LELO Sona Cruise is pretty loud, the Womanizer is quieter and also just smallerI had a lot of fun with this one, and I wasn’t worried that everyone within a 10-mile radius could hear it buzzing.

There are several different versions of the Womanizer, so you can find one that works for your current price point, which is an added bonus. The Classic is a fan favorite, with several reviews noting that it literally makes them orgasm in less than five minutes. Even the mini version, the Starlet, has impressive reviews, with the Pro, the luxury model, and the Liberty, the travel version, also getting tons of love. It’s pretty clear that regardless of which model you go for, you’re going to have a damn good time. (Worth noting: You can get the Starlet for a mere $79.)

satisfyer vibes power flowerdimywgsr0gv3o An Oral Sex Fan Tries the Best Oral Sex Toys on the Market—and Shares Her Favorites

3. Power Flower, $49.95 at Satisfyer

The Power Flower is not your usual oral sex vibe—and I mean that in the best way possible. You use this one a little differently than any other vibrator I’ve used. You hold onto the handle (I looped three fingers through it), and place the petals right near your vagina or closer to your clit depending on what you’re looking for. The body of this feels really soft and the petals feel bendable. It’s made of silicone, rather than hard plastic, so it just physically feels good on your skin.

Once you turn it on, the little petals at the end of this vibrator sort of “flutter” against your clit, making for a very strange—and very beautiful—experience. If you’re someone who enjoys a good tease, this is definitely going to become a go-to for you, as the 12 different modes let you take this from deep and intense rumbles to light almost-tickles.

Out of all of the toys, this one would work best with a partner, since you don’t have to get the mouth right on top of your clit like the others. The additional benefit of this one is that you can use it internally as well, which is pretty impressive considering it costs less than 50 bucks. I’ve really never used anything that doubled as smoothly as a vaginal vibrator and a clitoral vibrator, but I’ve really enjoyed having the option to switch between them—which is especially great if you’re planning on sharing the toy with a partner.

screen shot 2019 01 22 at 8.43.48 pm An Oral Sex Fan Tries the Best Oral Sex Toys on the Market—and Shares Her Favorites

4. Incredible Oral Tongue, $29.95 at Adam & Eve

Not all women enjoy oral sex because of the sensation of their body being licked. Others enjoy the sense of pressure and just general direct simulation. There’s definitely a big difference between someone licking your clitoris, and you pushing yourself against their face, and if the latter is your deal, you’ll probably really enjoy this pretty straightforward sex toy.

This waterproof toy is going to work well for someone who likes pressure, and who probably masturbates on her stomach. You can easily kind of tuck this into your underwear or between your thighs, and get to grinding. It offers pretty strong vibrations that feel less direct, but more widespread, making it a good fit for someone who seeks out intense rumbles.