Oprah Store Chicago: Sells Oprah’s Old Clothes, Customers Not Allowed to Try On


Upon entering the Oprah Store in Chicago, you’ll be greeted by smiling Oprah employees, who are famaliar with Oprah’s ideals fluently. They aid customers in finding their way while educating them on Oprah’s successes.

Other duties these polite employees must enforce is the “no picture” rule; no pictures are to be taken in the store, with the exception of getting your picture taken in the orange chair Oprah had on her set in 1997. Another rule they are told to enforce is no trying on of Oprah’s closet clothes.

Oprah’s old clothes, which are available to purchase, are not to be tried on because they must remain intact to ensure the customers that Oprah was indeed the last person to wear the piece of clothing. If you’re in the market for some vintage Oprah, her store in Chicago is certainly the place, however, you better know your size and make it work because all sales are fina–and quite expensive.

All of the proceeds from Oprah’s closet go to Oprah’s Angel Network of charities.