How To Grow a Rose Garden Like Oprah’s

Leah Bourne

Oprah recently posted a photo of her rose garden on Instagram, and we were instantly in awe. Turns out planting your very own rose garden is not as hard as you might think. Here, some tips to you get started in Oprah-ifying your garden. One step close to Oprah-ifying in life? We’ll take it.

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Photo Via Oprah’s Instagram

How To Plat a Rose Garden:
1. Pick a Sunny Spot. You’ll want to plant your rose garden in a spot that gets a lot of sun, hopefully a spot that gets sun all day. The second best option is a spot that gets morning sun, usually along the east or south side of the lawn.
2. Get the Soil Ready. You’ll want to add about two inches of peat moss or compost to your garden soil. Dig up and add peat moss to your whole garden (not just where the roses are), which will improve drainage in the garden and help retain moisture.
3. Buy Roses For Your Zone. Different roses flourish in different parts of the country, and you’ll want to plant the roses that are right for your zone. Garden centers can tell you which roses are most likely to do well in your area.
4. Plant, Plant, Plant. Soak your bare root roses for about a day, before planting them, or buy potted roses, which will be ready to plant when you buy them. Dig a hole for the rose that’s slightly larger than the root size. For bare root roses, place the plant in the ground and backfill soil around it. For potted roses, cut away the pot and slide out the plant, before planting them.
5. Keep the Ground Moist. For soil such as clay, you’ll need to water just once a week. If the soil is dry over 4 inches under the surface, then it needs to be watered more. Don’t just water where the rose plants are, water around the whole area, so the roots of the roses will expand out.
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