Opening Ceremony Gets Deep With Patrik Ervell

Laurel Pinson
Opening Ceremony Gets Deep With Patrik Ervell
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It seems that ladies have been anxiously awaiting the launch of Patrik Ervell’s womenswear collection since Kristen Dunst stunned us in one of his tuxedos. With the release of his collection, Opening Ceremony took it upon themselves to sit down with Ervell and talk about his magnificent collection.

When he was questioned about the dialogue of the women’s collection his answer was just grand stating, “I think it’s all coming from the same place. It’s not so much a his and hers approach. I think there are parts of the men’s collection that bleed into the women’s and vice versa.” Ervell never ceases to amaze us. We can’t wait to pick up a few pieces along the way.

To check out the full interview, go here. Click through our slideshow above to see some of the gorgeous collection.