TGIF: Opening Ceremony’s Line of Elvis-Covered Pieces Is Awesome

Meghan Blalock

opening ceremony elvis
There are few rock stars who have had the hysteria-level impact on pop culture at large as Elvis Presley. Today, on the 36th anniversary of his death in Memphis, he is still fondly remembered amongst music lovers and fashion lovers alike; Opening Ceremony just debuted a line of apparel in his honor, and it is awesome.

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From sweatshirts emblazoned with his handsome face to jean jackets embroidered on the back with Elvis’ infamous lyrics “Love me tender,” the capsule collection is a stylish way for fans of the crooner to remember their idol. They manage to be modern—partaking in the ever-popular message-tee trend—while also paying homage to the retro style of the era when Elvis was alive and swiveling his hips for thousands of screaming ladies.

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Head over to Opening Ceremony to check out the full line, which ranges from $95 to $355, and check out a few of our picks below!
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