Shockingly Few People Actually Shop Online, According to One New Survey

Meghan Blalock

online shopping

In the overly saturated world of Internet fashion—from blogs to boutiques to auctions to everything in between—it becomes easy to assume that most people do their shopping for clothing and accessories online. But according to one recent study, the number of people shopping online isn’t quite as high as we all probably expected.

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HuffPo Style teamed up with polling powerhouse YouGov to survey 1,000 people on their online shopping habits. They found that 32% of participants never shop online, while another 22% shop online only once a year. Simple math tells us this means that 54% of 1,000 people shop online either once a year or never. The numbers who shop online several times a year or in physical stores only are equal: 34% for each.

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This information got us thinking: how much do our readers shop online? As people who undoubtedly spend a lot of time on the Internet and are interested (we assume) in style, it seems logical that you would do a fair amount of your shopping online. But we could obviously be wrong!

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