Online Lurkers Unite: Another ‘It’ Girl Blog To Add To Your Google Reader

Liz Doupnik

sipausa 111024511 Online Lurkers Unite: Another It Girl Blog To Add To Your Google Reader

Welp, another “It” girl strikes again. Look, we love to indulge ourselves in our voyeuristic side–that’s for sure. How else would we know how the other half (read: gorgeous and cultured quasi-DJs who can rock a body con) live? Cue the ever present blog.

We actually not so shamefully love these little guys. We can track these pretty young things globetrotting in their latest platforms and can even jam out to their most recent playlists. So, when we came across Harley Viera-Newton’s blog, we were actually pretty stoked.

We’re really digging how we can see her top choices of new additions she wants to include in her closet while also checking out some of her inspirations (um… we died over the photos she posted from the 1950s Oscars, it was totally genius!) In any case, we love getting a peek into what this little lady is up to and totally nerd out in our online lurking (come on, you know you do it too).

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