9 Online Erotica Sites Perfect for Finding Your Next Steamy Read

9 Online Erotica Sites Perfect for Finding Your Next Steamy Read

If you’ve recently found yourself alone in bed, looking for some sensual inspiration to get the motors going (so to speak), might we suggest skipping the porn and heading to one of the many online erotica sites available instead? Sure, visual aids have their appeal, but if you’ve ever gotten completely engrossed in a steamy romance novel or a true story of someone’s sexy escapades, you’ll know nothing can compare. There’s just something about reading the words and really seeing them on page (or screen) that just supersedes everything else. Plus, when you’re reading erotica, you can imagine anyone you want (including yourself) in the scenarios. Instead of watching two people who look nothing like you or your fantasy partner having sex, erotica allows you to choose your own imagery. And what’s sexier than that?

Seriously, erotica should be everyone’s go-to way to enjoy a little sexy solo time. (Of course, you can try reading it out loud to a partner and switch things up, if you’re feeling frisky.) No matter your interests, there’s a story out there you’ll swear was written for you and you alone. Have a BDSM kink you want to explore? There’s thousands of stories for you. A member of the LGBT+ community and looking for inclusive erotica? It’s out there in spades. Got a fetish you think no one else has? I can assure you that you’re likely to find it on one of the erotica sites below. Next time you start to head to your go-to porn site, redirect yourself to an online erotica site instead. You won’t be disappointed.

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1. Literotica

Ah, Literotica. This site might be the OG place for erotic stories. No matter what you’re into, you’re sure to find something that suits your needs here.

2. Bellesa

Bellesa is an erotica site that not only has videos, films and dating advice, but plenty of steamy stories to read as well. From short tales to full-length novels, your next nighttime read is waiting.

3. Nifty

While this site does offer a range of erotic stories, Nifty’s focus is mainly on the LGBT+ community. Consider this your go-to site for sensual reads outside of the hetero-normative range.

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4. Novel Trove

Whether you’re looking for true erotic stories or fictional steamy tales, Novel Trove is chock-full of stories that are sure to please. They offer over 40 different sub-sections of erotica, so go ahead and settle in for a long night of reading—among other things.

5. Lush Stories

Lush Stories is a steamy combination of social media and erotica sites. You can read through their extremely wide range of stories, and then (if you’re in the mood) head over to the chat section to talk to people who are also into erotica. Who knows? You might just find your next book club.

6. Adult Fanfiction

Calling all fanfiction lovers: Adult Fanfiction is the ultimate source for everything sexy you’ve ever wanted to read about your favorite fictional (or not-so-fictional) characters. Odds are, there’s someone into the same things you are.

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CHYOA is exactly what you might suspect based on the name: a choose your own adventure erotica site. If you’re looking for something sensual and also interactive, CHYOA is about to be your new go-to.

8. Solo Touch

If you’re alone and want a little extra help getting the job done, Solo Touch is the erotica site for you. Every story on Solo Touch has the theme of masturbation—and the tagline “Don’t make your hand do all the work.”

9. Kinkly

No matter what sort of things you might be into, Kinkly is full of erotic stories ready for you to enjoy. Go ahead and indulge in your wildest desire through these kinky tales.