One Night: Three Terrifying Looks

Kerry Pieri

Maybe it’s the warming temperatures, or the influx of natural disasters, or Mercury getting all retrograde again, but some ladies basically lost their minds when getting dressed last night. It wasn’t just a little off putting overall, it was actually scary.

Let’s start with Solange Knowles. Hardly a style icon, the girl with the moniker “Beyonce’s little sister” perpetually attached to her went with a skanky version of the 70s trend. Those pants are actually really cute, but the hat is straight ridiculous and I think I can see some nipple.

I thought that maybe Taylor Momsen would grow out of this look, but apparently she’s committed to lingerie as outwear and stripper shoes. It’s almost pass to even still comment on it, but it continues to confuse me because she could be so cute. It just makes me sad.

Lastly, how many times do you think people asked Khloe Kardashian for a cocktail last night because they assumed she was a cater waiter?

Solange Knowles, Taylor Momsen, Khloe Kardashian Photos: Jason Merritt, WireImage | Astrid Stawiarz, Getty Images | Toby Canham, Getty Images