How To Deal With A One Night Stand: 6 Valuable Tips To Know

Samantha Escobar, YourTango


Have you learned anything important from a one night stand?

The best way to find out how best to cope with things you may not have much experience with is to hear the stories of other people. They’ve already road tested these bits of advice, so you know they have to have some knowledge involved, right?

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After doing a poll on the awkward, exciting, bizarre situation that is the one night stand, our friends at YourTango found out lots of advice coincides. Here are the most rational, practical and popular lessons learned from a one night stand.

1. Orgasmic? Not Quite
“Don’t expect the big O,” said CS, 25. People whom you’ve just started sleeping with rarely know exactly what you like, so they have no precise idea what will make you experience that big moment quite yet. Don’t get disappointed — just enjoy the experience and give instructions when necessary!

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2. Wrap It Up
“Always use protection,” said PH, 29. This feels like a “duh” piece of advice, but I have heard entirely too many people make excuses. “I didn’t have a condom,” “I expected him/her to have one,” “it was in the moment.” Whether or not you like condoms is irrelevant; it’s for the safety of both people.

3. You Don’t Need Another Facebook Friend.
“Don’t add them on Facebook,” warns MT, 22. A one night stand need not be found and friended on Facebook unless it is incredibly clear you two both wish to continue hooking up (or being friends, either way). Soliciting him or her with a friend request — especially if you had to seek through a bunch of pages because you couldn’t remember their last name — is weird.

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