One Model Management’s Scott Lipps: Twitter Birds

Kerry Pieri

It’s not often that you’ll see Scott Lipps at any number of velvet roped clubs or glitzy fashion events without a gorgeous girl – or ten – flanking him. Consider it a professional hazard. Long Island bred Lipps went from rock and roll drummer to music manager before entering the rough and tumble world of high fashion model management. Lipps parlayed his experience at other agencies to launch One in 2002. One Management has since amassed a roster of girls that sound like reading off a Vogue call sheet: Helena Christensen, Bar Refaeli, Eva Herizgova, and Selita Ebanks – just to name a few. If you ever want to get a glimpse at his jetset lifestyle, just follow the avid tweeter @ScottLipps. We talked to the fashion mogul about all things models, social media and the faux pas of foreign language tweeting. Read on for word from out latest Twitter Bird.

Tell us about your background and how you got started.
I was originally a rock ‘n roll drummer for years in a band that did well in LA. I always managed my bands I was in and at some point, I had an injury while on tour and decided to temporarily try my hand at fashion while my arm was healing. Unfortunately or fortunately, my arm took a few years to get better and in the meanwhile I found myself working up the ranks from an assistant to junior agent, then running a small division of a modeling agency out west. I soon moved to NY to run a NY agency then eventually opened my own. As of Sept-Oct, One is 10 years old…who would have thought?

How would you describe a typical day at work?
My life is 24/7 deal making, meetings, fashion, a bit of music and entertainment stuff during the week. I still love but it is a non-stop rollercoaster of activity. Probably the best way to describe it, is just checking out Pop Lipps, my blog…kinda says it all in pics!

What was your main reason for starting a Twitter?
Twitter is such an amazing marketing tool that I believe the road to managing and marketing clients now has changed dramatcially with the advent of tools like this. As I always say, I used to read the paper in the morning, now I read Twitter… so in terms of clients, what could be better to reach the masses?

Why is Twitter such an important PR/social marketing tool?
I don’t think anyone wants to see someone update their facebook status 50 times a day, but for some reason it’s OK to do it on Twitter… you can possibly reach hundreds of thousands of people in seconds, how was that possible before?

What is your best/most rewarding model discovery story?
Lately we starting working with a new model Carola that is doing very well, check out her Twitter feed @carolaremer.

You tend to tweet from events/parties/travel… How do people react to your jetset lifestyle?
I think people think my life might be a bit different than it appears, but it’s all good! People have been responding to the photos and updates via my blog, so if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

5 Twitters to follow now…
@unclerush is always a motivational one..
@nikkisixx for a bit of in your face rock ‘n roll
@hisssquad for the up to the minute modeling news
@modelinia for some more fashion stuff
@onemanagement of course!!

Who are your top “Twitter friends”
I would have to say @unclerush again… Russell is a incredible marketer and I’ve learned a lot… @PeterdavisNYC is witty, smart and a great writer… @onemanagement again because it’s obvious!

Number one reason to unfollow someone
Not sure I’ve done too much of that, but I guess if they are annoying or write in a foreign language so I can’t read it?

Favorite models to follow on Twitter…
@barrefaeli @byrdiebell @carolaremer @lindavojtova @MsSelitaebanks @Iamkellybrook @the_real_Iman @erin_O_Connor @Teresa_Moore_

Describe your personality in 140 characters or less.
This is my Twitter test? It’s like saying eat your best meal in 30 seconds. Well I hope witty, caring, an incredibly hard worker and someone that doesn’t stop until it’s done. I will go to great lenghts to make things happen and usually that hard work and perserverence pays off.

Is there one person or brand that doesn’t have a Twitter that you think should get one?
Not off the top of my head, but I am amazed at how some fashion groups are just discovering it now. Where have you been? It’s 2011.

What are three things those who follow your tweets would be surprised
to know about you?
That I probably hopefully have a cool Brit style of sarcasm, that I get up at the crack of dawn and usually have a lot to say then (but not sure if anybody else is up and listening!).

Do you have a Twitter pet peeve?
Just tweeting in languages that are foreign,
on purpose, so only the cool kids in your hometown understand.

What kind of questions do you regularly find your followers tweeting at you?
A lot about representation and just respones to comments.

Oddest Tweet you’ve ever gotten?
Some of them are so strange, I’m not sure if it’s English, in which case I tend to ignore.

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