Olympic Fever


I realize that Olympic fever takes many forms. For instance, my bff’s are all chattering around me about their various interests. Some are raving about Jamaica winning 5 gold medals in sprints with three days still remaining. A few friends are surprised about Togo and Afghanistan each winning their first medal of any color, in kayaking and taek won do, respectively. In all, 80 nations have so far won medals, tying the all-time Olympic record set in Sydney in 2000.

The Beijing Games have me feeling a little feverish these days too. But, since I don’t foresee receiving any kind of gold medals for my various excellences: Assembling the perfect sandwich, collecting the cutest vintage Schwinn bicycles, or my favorite, crafting the perfect name for various style personalities – I decided to take things into my own hands. I found a gold medal perfectly suited for me.

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