Olympic Eating: 9 Burgers From Around The World


OlympicBurgersEditorial_0Get ready to gear up for the the upcoming Olympics…by tying on your apron!
Two New York City-based venues, GO Burger and BLT Burger are returning this year with their international-inspired burgers to kick off the festivities. And FOX News Magazine has a few medal worthy contenders of its own.
The XXII Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, from Feb. 7-23, may be a long plane ride away, but getting a taste of some of the countries competing has never been easier thanks to this gold-metal lineup of recipes.
Highlights of their speciality menu include the UK’s “Fish ‘n’ Chips Burger,” a fried fish burger topped with French fries, as well as the Japanese-inspired “Tempura Burger,” featuring beer-battered beef drizzled with miso dressing and bonito flakes.
Take a bite of the upcoming Olympic games by cooking up these mouthwatering burger recipes.
Olympic Eating: 9 Burgers From Around The World:
Bobby Flay’s All American Crunchburger Recipe
Croque Monsieur Burger
Fish & Chips Burger
Latin Burgers With Red Pepper Mayo and Caramelized Onion and Jalapeno Relish
Poutine Burger
Samurai Burger
Sochi Lamb Kotleti Burger
The Gold Medal
The Great Wall Burger