The Olsens (Influential) Tome


In recent years, the infamous Olsen twins have come full circle–they started off being America’s (mini) sweethearts on Full House, later became objects of ridicule for their silly made-for-DVD movies, only to morph into tabloid fodder for their poor boyfriend choices and 0% body fat frames, and now are lauded as style icons. With countless successful fashion appearances on the red-carpet as of late and two clothing lines to their name, they are truly forces to be reckoned with. I’m actually a huge fan of the Elizabeth & James collection and although I think The Row is a tad overpriced, I do live in the one white t-shirt I own from it.

So, I think it can go without saying that I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of their first coffee table book, Influence, a large, beautiful tome filled to the brim with nothing but interviews conducted by the Olsens with the world’s most influential (hence the title–duh) designers, artists, photographers, and fabulous-in-general people.  For those of you who feel the same, you can head down to the Barnes & Noble store in Union Square on Tuesday, October 28th at 12:30 pm when the twins will read from the pages of the book.

If for some unholy reason, you can’t make it, here’s my favorite bit that I’ve read so far. From an interview with Karl Lagerfeld, himself, on marriage, tight jeans, and boyfriends:

MKO: Ha, I’d rather stay inside with my friends than limp out in tight trousers.
KL: Maybe you’ll stay inside with a baby. Do you want to get married? Children? Two perfect mums, yes?
[Mary-Kate and Ashley look at each other]
KL: Ah! Don’t worry, you have time. You’re young. Don’t you want to get married?
MKO: I don’t feel the need to get married. But Ashley wants children. I’ll be a great aunt or godmother.
AO: To my child.
KL: [To Ashley] Are you planning?
AO: No. I don’t even have a boyfriend. You have to plan that first, right? Figure that out first?
KL: If you get a boyfriend it doesn’t mean that! Today you can have a baby first. If you want. I never liked the idea of a family at all. If it’s a woman — it’s more fun for a woman.

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