The Olsens’ Fairy Godmother, Clooney Has Malaria: 2:30 Slump

Kerry Pieri

We’re advocates of alleviating the afternoon slump. Consider this the written equivalent of your favorite venti latte… only stronger!

RJ Cutler, creator of The September Issue and documentarian extraordinaire is maybe possibly linked to a new Teen Vogue reality show. (The Cut)

Lauren Hutton is MK and Ashley’s Fairy godmother, the girls explained: “She took a chance on a brand [The Row] that no one knew just because she liked it,” says Mary-Kate. “We think of her as our fairy godmother.” Adds Ashley, “She stays true to herself. I think that’s what’s reflected in her photographs.” I wish Lauren was my fairy godmother too. (Harper’s Bazaar)

David Gandy dislikes that modeling is the ONLY place that women are paid more than men (he’s “trying to change that”), and, um, Zoolander, saying, People still just think Zoolander, and to come out with your pride and dignity intact is probably quite hard in this business.” (Styleite)

Calvin Klein is throwing a huge bday bash for his boyfriend. Calvin apparently was 47 when said boyfriend was born. (Page 6)


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RT @refinery29 Disturbing: Models pose with 200,000 ladybugs. um, ew.

RT @AskMrMickey Does it mean I’m gay if when listening to Ms Streisand sing Don’t Rain on My Parade I imagine myself skating a long program at the Olympics? It means you’re amazing.

RT @fuggirls Intern George has MALARIA! Feel better, Clooney. via @huffingtonpost Get well soon Cloons!

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RT @PRConsulting: The looks backstage at Dries van Noten men’s fall/winter 2011 #pfw Apparently I’d even wear Dries mens.

RT @THELOVEMAGAZINE @derekblasberg where are u? Avid Tweeters are simply not allowed a day off!