The Olsens’ $39K Backpack Makes Anderson Cooper’s RidicuList

Spencer Cain

Anderson Cooper‘s RidicuList always highlights the best, most absurd and sometimes most offensive moments of the week. Last week, good ole’ Andy discussed the Black Swan interns (who I guess decided they wanted to burn every bridge in the industry by suing producers over having to make coffee runs and get lunch for people) and even took a moment this week to jab atDiddy‘s new booty book, Culo (a must-have for my holiday wishlist).

Last night, the foxiest silver fox of them all went on a rant about Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and their $39,000 alligator backpack that they designed for their label, The Row, and how it’s already sold out. Now, as you can imagine, this was very hard for me to watch. I’ve always said that the three true loves in my life are Anderson and the Olsen Twins, so to see him question why anyone would purchase their glorious backpack was indeed upsetting.

But let’s face it, the man made some good points — you know, like the fact that $39,000 is the average starting salary for a teacher. He also cited Ashley as saying that in times of recession, the market for luxury goods increases. “During our last economic crisis in the U.S., the only thing that went up was Herms,” she stated. (BTW, when he was reading this quote and mispronounced “Herms” I honestly almost started crying.)

Check out the clip below and let me know if you agree or disagree with AC’s thoughts on the entire bag debacle.

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