Olsen Twins Fashion: New JC Penney Line Hits the Streets in Truck


Imagine this: It’s a gorgeous day out, and you decide to casually pop into some stores along 14th Street in NYC. As you’re strolling, you spot an interesting-looking truck parked around Union Square; no, it’s not the Van Leeuwen truck–this one is a totally tweened-out with a candy-stripe awning, painted pink, and decked out in peace sign logos.

Then you see them; two minuscule figures with scraggly hair and oversized glasses awkwardly smiling at onlookers; you’ve been waiting for this moment your entire life; you have finally witnessed The Olsens in the flesh, right before your very eyes.


Well, that could have been us yesterday if we would have only walked about TWO MORE BLOCKS East. Unfortunately, no one tweeted us the news, so we returned home only to find out that we missed out on a MAJOR life moment. Uggh…The good news for all you other crazed Olsen fans out there is that if you aren’t working today or tomorrow, you can at least stop by the Olsenboye treat truck in hopes of catching another glimpse of the twins, although we can’t promise they’ll perform a second appearance. But at the least, you’ll score some seriously cheap Olsen-designed apparel.

The truck will be touring the city the next couple of days making pit stops in Herald Square until 6:30 pm today, and Washington Square Park from 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm Wednesday to promote Mary-Kate and Ashley’s new affordable juniors line, Olsenboye, which will be sold at JCPenney starting in February. Vendors at the truck will be dispensing discounted goods from the upcoming collection for unbelievable prices–$10 to $15 for everything from tee-shirts and flannel tops to blazers, bags, and, we rejoice; jeggings!

Even if you’ve outgrown the juniors department, picking up a little something for your little sister or cousin will not only make their day, it will support a good cause; all the proceeds will be donated to JCPenney’s Afterschool Fund. So get off your computer now; time is ticking!