The Olsen Twins’ 12 Most Absurd Music Videos Ever (Ahem, ‘Gimme Pizza’)


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Way before Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen—who turn 28 years old today—were the dead-serious fashion empresses they are today, they were prime-time darlings who rose to stardom as the catchphrase-spewing Michelle Tanner on “Full House.” And after that family-friendly show made them famous, they branched off and started doing their own projects, many of which involved saccharine-sweet music videos with titles like “Gimme Pizza,” “Brother for Sale,” and “Our Doggy Ate our Homework.”

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Many of these musical ventures have been captured in the time capsule of the Internet (thanks be to the gods), and are still around for us to take in and thoroughly enjoy. Apart from the aforementioned gems, there’s also “I Am the Cute One,” which we can only imagine would cause longterm psychological damage on a pair of identical twins.

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Check out the 12 best music videos the Olsen twins ever recorded below! You won’t be sorry.

“Gimme Pizza”

“Identical Twins”

“I Am the Cute One”

“Brother for Sale”

“Our Doggy Ate Our Homework”

“No One Tells the President What to Do”

“Nothing To Do”

“Makeover Machine”

“Ice Cream Crazy”

“Meet You All at the Mall”

“I’d Rather Be Surfing”

“You’re Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley’s Birthday Party”