Olsen Twins: Fashion Line “Olsenboye” Name Explained


All this talk about Mary-Kate and Ashley‘s new line for JCPenney and the treat truck that’s been doing hit and runs all over Manhattan giving out discounted merchandise has us wondering one thing, and one thing only. Why the hell is the new collection called Olsenboye?!? This question has clearly been haunting us for days. We’re assuming you were wondering the same thing, and lucky you–we now have the answer!

Apparently Olsenboye, the name of the twins’ new affordable JCPenney girls’ line (no it’s not for “boyes”), is named after the sisters’ Norwegian ancestral name. Phew–we can finally sleep at night. The line doesn’t hit stores nationwide until February, but this Tuesday, NYC JCPenney stores will debut a limited-edition Olsenboye capsule collection. If you’ve never stepped foot in a JCPenney store (we’re more of a three B’s type ourselves), there’s never been a better time than now.

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