Olivia Rodrigo Merch That’s More Than ‘Good 4 U’—Including a Candle That Smells Like Her & a Y2K Necklace

Olivia Rodrigo Merch That’s More Than ‘Good 4 U’—Including a Candle That Smells Like Her & a Y2K Necklace

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She’s a teen icon and heartbreak queen—and no, we’re not talking about Taylor Swift. We’re talking about Olivia Rodrigo, a Disney star turned singer-songwriter, whose newest album might have been the most unexpected blessing of 2021 (and beyond). 

When her debut single, Driver’s License, was released, the world went absolutely CRAZY. Olivia sang exactly what all of us, and especially our teenage selves, felt. Her lyrics are packed with feelings of rebellion, youth, angst, anxiety, heartache and more, so it’s no surprise that we’re all obsessed with her. I remember Driver’s License playing nonstop for hours (which is how it quickly made its way to my ‘2AM Vibes’ playlist) as I caught up on all of the Olivia Rodrigo-Joshua Basset drama that now seems like history.

And just when I thought I had gotten over that self-induced heartbreak from months of having Driver’s License on repeat, along came Sour. This album has to be my most-played because nothing else compares. Everything about her music just makes sense: Driver’s License was my one-way ticket back to high school heartbreak; Brutal is so relatable it hurts (I only have two real friends? Check); and Good 4 U, my personal fave, got me angry at the ex I never had. 

With so much going on for Olivia (as it should be because this girl is crazy talented), it’s unsurprising that her music has inspired so much new merch for fans who can’t get enough of her. She even released her own line of merch with the cutest sweatshirts and other items. There are also so many fan-inspired and original items on websites like Amazon and Etsy that are super cute and perfect for those who like more subtle, unique merch designs.

Online shopping, however, can sometimes feel a lot like Olivia’s songs: like everything is happening at once, and everything is the biggest deal ever. To save you that brutal (*wink, wink*) search, I’ve put together a list of the best merch for you or the Olivia Rodrigo fan in your life who can’t stop blasting her tunes. From a candle that smells like Olivia herself (I swear it’s not weird) to your own personalized Starbucks coffee cup, find the best Olivia Rodrigo merch below.

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Olivia Rodrigo Phone Case Amazon

Photo: Amazon.

Sour Phone Case

For listening to Olivia on repeat, our phones are our best friends. This adorable phone case
is covered in cute designs that are inspired by the Sour album cover. It’s the perfect way to keep your phone both protected and stylish. The singer-songwriter also launched her own phone case collection with Casetify, if you’re looking for even more options.

Olivia Rodrigo Composition Book Amzon

Photo: Moonlight Paper Press.

Sour-Inspired Composition Book

Ready to get your words out like Olivia? This Sour-inspired notebook uses sticker designs from the album cover) and features a subtle design that’s so user-friendly for school, work or anywhere that requires you, your thoughts and a pencil.

Olivia Rodrigo Sticker Pack Amazon

Photo: Minoly Store.

Olivia Rodrigo Sticker Pack (50 Pieces)

This adorable and waterproof sticker pack
is the perfect addition to any personal item such as water bottles, laptops and phone cases. You get 50 stickers for only $7 dollars on Amazon, which is a total steal if you ask us.

GirlsAndBoysCo Smells Like Olivia Rodrigo Candle Etsy

Photo: GirlsAndBoysCo.

Smells Like Olivia Rodrigo Candle

This black raspberry and vanilla sugar-scented candle is the perfect way to bring Olivia’s vibe into your living space. This has to be my favorite item just because of how unique it is. Lighting this candle in your room while Sour is playing? Uhmmm….yes!

Olivia Rodrigo Good 4 U Sweatshirt Etsy

Photo: ViableNYC.

Good 4 U Sweatshirt

This crewneck takes one of Olivia’s iconic lines from Good 4 U, “Maybe I’m too emotional,” and turns it into the most adorable clothing item in your closet. The colors and the fonts deserve chef’s kisses because they’re so on brand with Olivia.

Olivia Rodrigo Sour Vinyl Target

Photo: Universal Music Group.

Sour Vinyl Record

This Target-exclusive vinyl record is perfect for when Spotify doesn’t cut it and you want those vintage vibes at 2 a.m. The cover includes the album’s alternate artwork and makes listening to Traitor even more emotional than you thought was possible.

Olivia Rodrigo Mug Etsy

Photo: drippedinrose.

Olivia Rodrigo Mug

If there’s one piece of merch that best describes any Olivia stan’s feelings, it’s this mug. Listening to her music and getting emo? The norm.

Sour Necklace Etsy

Photo: LMPaccessories.

Sour Necklace

This Sour-inspired necklace is the beaded Y2K piece you need in your jewelry collection. It matches so well with the overall vibe and aesthetic of her latest album.

Sour Poster Print Pack Amazon

Photo: Jianchuang.

Sour Poster Print Pack

Looking to spice up your bedroom’s plain white walls? This poster print pack
creates an old-school Tumblr aesthetic and honors her 11-track album.

Olivia Rodrigo Personalized Starbucks Cup Etsy

Photo: Evalastingdesigns.

Personalized Starbucks Cup

If you love coffee AND Olivia Rodrigo AND cute personalized decor, check out this Starbucks cup. It’s great for everyday use, is reusable and can even be customized with your name.

Olivia Rodrigo Crocs Shoe Charms

Photo: SunfishPress.

Olivia Rodrigo Shoe Charm

Aren’t these shoe charms the cutest?! As a die-hard Crocs fan, I was excited to find these on Etsy. Inspired by the cover art of Sour, they easily add a pop of color and an edgy flair to your kicks.

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